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Niki Walker Personal Training

I will SUPPORT your personal GOALS in TRANSFORMING your ATTITUDE and BODY to get the RESULTS you have been striving for.

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I will SUPPORT implementing changes DAILY to enable you to ACHIEVE personal GOALS and SUSTAIN the RESULTS 

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Niki Walker Personal Training


I have trained with Personal Trainers in the past for events, weight training and general fitness, and though being a highly motivated individual, having guidance and support have enabled me to achieve my goals safely and consistantly over the years and inspire me to       be a PT myself to help others achieve their goals.

I am a true advocate of steadily introducing exercise and nutrition to make it a day to day routine that you can look forward to doing and not feel it is a sacrifice. My job is to ensure that you can balance your well being with work and a social life. By improving your nutrition and making small changes to daily physical activity with a structured exercise programme I can equip you with the knowledge and provide you the support to not only achieve your goals, but to enable you to be consistently satisfied by your meals, maintain a healthy body and be energised through the day. I will be passionate and dedicated to your individual goals whether it is to run a 5k or a marathon, or lose and maintain weight loss, or generally to improve your physical and mental well being. Having also gone through an early menopause I have experience with the challenging changes and shifts within the body and the mind during perimenopause. I very much look forward to working with you!


BSc Hons Degree, Level 3 PT, Level 3 Exercise Referral and CIMSPA registered.



Feel free to contact me with any questions on 07867 972369 or

Location - Mobile


Was I nervous about PT sessions - oh yes! Was I apprehensive about PT sessions - oh yes! Niki changed all that on my first session. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I really like the fact that she adopts the holistic approach - its not just about fitness or health or nutrition, with Niki its about the whole person and helping them finding the path that is right for them to help achieve their goals. Its not just about a Personal Trainer and her Client as 2 separate people, its very much a partnership working together to meet the same goal. She built up my confidence and belief in myself so that I could change both my mindset about health and fitness and my body shape into what I wanted it to be. She devised a plan that she constantly monitored to ensure I continued to meet my goals. I changed my half hour sessions to full hour sessions within about 2 weeks as I was enjoying the sessions so much. Niki made me feel very relaxed and has a calm but motivating manner and knew how to push me that bit more than I would push myself. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and our chats and would without hesitation recommend Niki to anyone wishing to take up PT sessions.


Would definitely recommend working with Niki. I had been going to the gym for 5 weeks, had lost some weight but didn't feel that I had really achieved any fitness or strength goals. From the start I felt that Niki listened and understood my fitness goals and health concerns, and she designed a training program that was tailored to me. Niki has helped me progress in safe and sensible stages, explains everything and demonstrates new things so that I feel confident in what I am doing and why. She motivates with genuine positivity and encouragement, which has helped me motivate myself to put 100% into my sessions. Her holistic approach to fitness has also helped me. Getting my hydration, nutrition and food intake sorted out so that it works for me, my routines and my lifestyle has given me the energy to achieve that little bit more every week. I went from average health to getting stronger with the muscle definition I want, and running 5k in a respectable just a few months!       by LUCIE

Niki is a wonderful personal trainer. She provided me with a solid training regime that tested me and always kept me interested. She has extensive knowledge that makes you feel confident in her abilities and the training she is providing. She made me a tailored dietary plan and was always on hand to answer nutritional questions I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Niki and will be booking again very soon.


I am about to begin my 3rd block of sessions with Niki - she is fab. I had a double, total knee replacement in November 2017 and joined Better Gym in March this year. I was still having physio, although I was having some issues with bending my knees back, due to very tight hamstrings and a combination of the osteoarthritis before the op and the recovery after had taken a toll on my whole body! I saw Niki's profile on the gym noticeboard and decided to contact her. She made arrangements to meet me to discuss what I wanted to achieve and took the time to find out about my lifestyle, work commitments etc, as well as my recovery needs, in order to support me. I'm a 53 year old female, who is also perimenopausal, so a reasonable challenge for anyone to sort out! We started small: Niki reviewed my food/drink diary and I booked in 2 x 1/2 hour sessions for the first 5 weeks. I then progressed to 2 x 1 hour sessions for the next 5 weeks. It's worked really well for me. I've had holidays in between the blocks, which has meant that some of the good work I've done with Niki has unravelled a bit, but on the whole I am feeling much fitter, stronger and happier! I'm going to go for 1 hour per week for the next block of sessions, with a view to adding in 1 or 2 independent gym sessions and Niki will do me an exercise plan for this. She is brilliant at what she does - correcting my technique where necessary and explaining reasons 'why' instead of just saying 'do this' or 'not like that' I actually enjoy going to the gym - something I've never been able to say - all thanks to Niki!

by KIM

I approached Niki for a free demo session to see how I could improve my workout technique but to also work towards making my workouts more effective etc. The first thing that I'd like to mention is that cost was something I was aware of and PT's can be known to be quite expensive but right from the word go, Niki was more interested in me working to my budget and helping me achieve my goals over just recommending the most expensive package that was on offer. In my opinion, This kind of approach is fantastic and very reassuring when deciding on whether to book a PT The sessions were tailored to my goals but also varied each session which broke up routine and whilst hard, I enjoyed every second and walked away feeling like I've achieved something. Due to my budget, I couldn't book as many sessions as I would have liked so had to go with 1 a week. Niki made sure each session gave me workouts to complete over the coming week. The instruction for every exercise was spot on, clearly shown and the emphasis was on getting the technique right over just going hell for leather and causing damage or just not getting the most from each exercise. I can not recommend Niki enough to anyone who wants to get a good, honest and friendly PT who will push you but work to your limits to reach your goals.


Niki is a fantastic personal trainer. I started seeing her after finally becoming fed up with yo-yo dieting and unrealistic training plans. Niki really listened to me and helped me start challenging some of my unhealthy and rigid ideas about health and fitness. Her support around diet and food choices has been invaluable and I am now much more settled in a pattern of regular and intuitive eating. Niki's training sessions have been amazing - challenging, varied and fun. She has helped me to develop my own circuits to complete when I work out alone and I am really enjoying these. In only a couple of months I am feeling stronger and healthier in my mind and body. Thank you Niki for starting me on this path - I am no longer exhausted and over trained.


Over the past few months I had been training to pass the Navy’s entry fitness test. I worked with Niki over the last 4 weeks which gave me the strength and motivation to push on and reach my running target time. So pleased to pass my test yesterday!! I now have more confidence to keep up my fitness. I would recommend Niki as a Personal Trainer she designed a great programme to my abilities to reach my goal


Niki has been my trainer for a number of weeks and has got me really enjoying my time in the gym. She knows when to push me and when I need to take things easier. She is really motivational and offers lots of support! She has increased my strength and cardio - while ensuring I am completing the exercises correctly and safely. She ensures sessions are exciting and tries lots of new exercises, while keeping some excercises the same. This shows how stronger and fitter I have become. She offers lots of support with eating habits and provides really practical advice on how to make healthier choices, but still have some treats. I am looking forward to booking more sessions with Niki, as she is pushing me to meet my goals! I feel very lucky to have met such an amazing personal trainer - thank you!!



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